We're in the top 10%

Insert Coin 7/23/21 1:55 PM

We’re in the top 10%


We are happy to announce that Insert Coin has been selected, in fierce competition to join Business Sweden’s Catalyst program!




The program aims to identify the most promising Swedish tech start-ups and to support these start-ups when they enter the scale-up phase.

Only the top 10% of them are selected for the Catalyst program each year from Sweden’s tech start-up scene, Insert Coin is now chosen as the leading Scandinavian scale-up for gamification solutions.

This endeavor will enable us to offer the Gamify the World Engine, our Gamification API solution, to even more apps, platforms and other digital products at a global scale.

We much look forward to working with Business Sweden’s renowned international offices to be able to achieve an even stronger market position on selected key markets!

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